At Pegasus Solar & Energy Storage we only offer one battery solution. We have a very special understanding & trust in the AC coupled battery solution built by Eguana. Having been established in 2002 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Eguana has almost two decades of experience delivering grid edge power electronics for fuel cell, photovoltaic and battery applications and supplies proven, durable, high quality products from its high capacity manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America and Australia.

The Eguana Evolve having made its way all the way from Calgary, Canada now calls Adelaide home at their local manufacturing plant right here in Wingfield SA. The Evolve has everything you require including the automated off-grid back-up mode and all the data is available at your fingertips via the SwitchDin portal. We will set up your personal Eguana Evolve’s portal on the SwitchDin interface for you, this is included as a part of our service.

The beauty of selecting an Eguana Evolve for your premises is that it can grow with you when required. Starting at a capacity of 13kWh the Evolve can be added to in increments of 6.5kWh all the way up to 39kWh, meaning that as your requirements change you can change with it, future-proofing your energy requirements for years to come.

Eguana has partnered with battery module LG Chem, the largest & well-known battery manufacturers in the world, with a 10 year & 19.2MW throughput whatever comes first & the battery electronics are backed by Eguana’s 10-year performance & workmanship warranty to match. The Eguana Evolve is one of the most intelligent & durable energy storage systems available & with its high operating temperature range and robust design it is built for Australian conditions and is both outdoor & indoor rated

Evolve 13kw


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Engineered from the ground up, Eguana Technologies introduces the Evolve, a fully automated home energy storage solution that maximizes the value of a home owner’s solar system investment. Solar self-consumption is complemented with programmable time-of-use priority where applicable. When the lights go out in your neighborhood, we’ve got your critical loads covered with an integrated back up power solution that keeps your batteries topped up from your rooftop solar system.

  • Up to 5 kW of generation.
  • Fully supported grid-tied and backup operation with automated transfer.
  • Simple, flexible installation fully compatible with leading solar PV system suppliers.
  • Industry leading lithium battery technology.
  • Automated PV curtailment for extended duration grid outages.
  • All-in-one solution includes an integrated energy meter and SwitchDin DropletTM.
  • 10 year industry standard warranty.