Pegasus SolarInverters

Our inverter range is simple. As mentioned previously Pegasus Solar & Energy Storage offers the right technology for your unique application. Therefore, we offer one string inverter & one micro inverter.

A string inverter is a good choice if shading isn’t a problem. The behaviour of solar modules wired in a string is always consistent. A string of panels wired together will produce an output relative to the lowest-performing panel in the string. Full uninterrupted sun with minimum shade during the day is ideal for the application for a string inverter.

A microinverter is a good choice when you have shade shifting over your solar array consistently during the day. The micro inverter shares one large common characteristic with a string inverter, as they both convert DC voltage (generated by the solar module) to AC voltage (consumed by your household appliances & is the same as the network in your street). But that is about where the similarities end.
A microinverter is installed in multiples, one micro inverter for each one of your solar modules in your array, making it it’s own individual & unique generator. This means that each panel will perform at its own optimum and not be affected by a lesser performing solar module if it was wired in a string.
Although the initial outlay is slightly more than that of a string inverter the cost-saving recaptured by a far superior generation output, pay’s back the difference repeatedly, so you shouldn’t shy away from the marginal difference in cost during the design & sales process. The difference in yield will speak for itself.