What We Do

At Pegasus Solar & Energy Storage we offer the full end to end process. From discussing your energy bills and understanding your usage habits. Perhaps we can even recommend a new energy retail plan that may be more suitable to your needs bringing even further savings to your power bill.

We will educate & inform you of the best technical solutions that suit your unique requirements and unlike most other solar retailers, the installer who we dedicate to your project will come to your site prior to the installation to meet with you and inspect your premise. We will walk you through the installation process, whilst preparing & planning so a successful installation can be achieved on the big day without any unwanted surprises. The site inspection can also be a good opportunity to engage with one of our qualified technicians prior to the installation with any questions or uncertainties you may still have, adding more clarity and peace of mind to the process.

Starting Your Journey to Solar Energy

Here's how it works
1. Initial Contact 1. Initial Contact
2. Submit Bills 2. Submit Bills
3. Generate System Design 3. Generate System Design
4. Site Visit 4. Site Visit
5. Organise Install Date 5. Organise Install Date
6. Installation 6. Installation

1. Initial Contact

Call us or enter your contact details to make the initial contact. We understand that you may be busy at work during the day, so when you leave your details be sure to tell us when & how the best method to contact you back may be,  perhaps after business hours is more suitable, or primarily via email if you’re work night shift, we will do our best to make it easy for you.

2. Submit Bills

Before we can start, the first thing we will ask for is to see your last 4 quarterly power bills, so have them ready with you so the process can progress with ease or just simply upload them with your contact details & we will start to build your energy profile and contact you back when it suits you best.

3. Generate System Design

Using your site address & satellite imagery we will generate one or more system designs that could work for you. Remember we have different technologies to suit your unique situation. String inverter over vs micro inverter. We lay it all out on the table and answer any questions you may have. Our design tool will show you approximate yields & cost savings in an easy to understand package.

4. Site Visit

Once you are satisfied with the initial proposal the process will continue to a non-obligation site visit. Here your selected system can be checked and measured and the design can be finalised, here an opportunity is given to meet with a member of our install team. We will show you the equipment layout and identify any potential issues, utilising foresight in readiness for installation day.

5. Organise Install Date

Once the site inspection has been completed and the selected system proposal is finalised our friendly customer service team will organise your install date and prepare the required paperwork with the network operator.

6. Installation

When the big day nears we will communicate all necessary pre-installation instructions to prepare you and answer any last minute questions that you may have. With system & products diligently selected leave the rest to us, you are in good hands as we install your energy system as designed using only the best materials and installation techniques within the industry.